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Our Offer Includes

Manufacture Services

• assembly and operation of devices for constructing reinforced concrete stack and tanks,
• operation of hydraulic devices for assembling steel ducts inside reinforced concrete and ceramic stacks,
• rental and operation of devices for repairing surfaces inside and outside reinforced concrete stacks and tanks,
• operation of hydraulic devices for lifting heavy elements.

Design And Selection Of Lifting Devices:

• designing movable devices for constructing reinforced concrete stacks,
• designing slip devices for constructing reinforced concrete stacks and tanks,
• designing devices for repairs inside stacks,
• survey of defects in reinforced concrete objects,
• elaboration of technology for repairing reinforced concrete objects.


Our services focus on designing, assembling and renting following devices necessary for the construction of high reinforced concrete objects:

Movable tower devices

Are used to erect reinforced concrete objects by means of movable external and internal formworks, which are mounted and suspended from a concrete batching platform, that is lifted by a mechanical or hydraulic head whereas the entire structure is placed on a tower made of pipe elements. The head moves as following h=2 x 1,25m. Application: construction of stacks (including internal lining) with height up to h=300 m within a wind zone I, II and III.

Slip devices

Are systems which are used to form concrete walls in a continuous way. They allow to construct reinforced concrete objects by slightly moving the formwork, of constant or variable dimensions, which can be single- or multi-chamber with the use of hydraulic lifts placed on steel rods which are evenly arranged along the wall perimeter and inside the wall. Vertical transportation of men and goods is realized by equipment structurally not connected with the slip device. It can done by a stationary or mobile crane, or a tower crane.

Suspended platforms

Are used to per form assembly, construction, maintenance and repair works: they are made up of typical or individually designed platforms which are suspended with the use of lines or rods. The location of platforms is changed by means of rope winches or hydraulic lifts that moves up the lines or rods.

Supplementary devices

Are additional systems which can work with other devices and are indispensable when performing assembly and construction works such as a spraying installation whose aim is to supply water under pressure from 0,0 level to the level where construction works are carried out and spray the water over the surface of curing concrete, which is a necessary routine.

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