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Services provided by our company consist mainly in providing and operating hydraulic devices necessary during the performance of various investment tasks such as the construction of high reinforced concrete objects.

Long Experience

We have many years of experience in handling construction investments. Our specialists are people with many years of experience and reliable knowledge of the technology of construction of various types of industrial objects.

Advanced Technology

Our specialized sliding and hydraulic equipment enables the construction of high-rise industrial buildings such as reinforced concrete chimneys, cooling towers, silos, fire towers and elevators.


The equipment we use as part of our service.

Are used to erect reinforced concrete objects by means of movable external and internal formworks, which are mounted and suspended from a concrete batching platform…

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Are systems which are used to form concrete walls in a continuous way. They allow to construct reinforced concrete objects by slightly moving the formwork, of constant or variable dimensions…

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Are used to per form assembly, construction, maintenance and repair works: they are made up of typical or individually designed platforms which are suspended with the use of lines or rods…

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Meet all companies

UNISERV S.A. is a specialist company providing comprehensive services within the scope of water cooling systems, industrial chimneys, silos and industrial furnaces. The company works for enterprises operating in the following sectors: professional and industrial power sector, smelting, chemical and petrochemical industry, steelworks, non-ferrous metal smelting plants, coking plants, cement works and also other industrial and manufacturing plants.
Uniserv Budownictwo currently focuses on rental of equipment necessary for erection, modernization and repair of large reinforced concrete structures (cooling towers, stacks and silos). Until 2012 the company together with its capital group dealt with providing comprehensive services connected with designing, constructing and maintaining different types of industrial objects. Ultimately, Uniserv Budownictwo shall operate projects to be realized by the Group on foreign markets due to broad and long-established references.
Uniserv-Jarosław specializes in execution, replacement and repair of elements of technological lines for the glass industry, offers performance of works in scope of fabrication and assembly of steel structures, bulk material handling equipment and provides services for the industry, including the power industry.
Dynamiks specializes in repairing cooling towers both natural draft cooling towers and mechanical draft cooling towers and other industrial structures, and assisting in their optimum selection and construction. Unique knowledge and skills acquired thanks to a great number of projects that the company has realized allowed to create the company’s own line of cooling towers labelled by Dynamiks with spraying area ranging from 1 to 256m2, as well as fills, drift eliminators and spray nozzles. More information can be found at: www.dynamiks.eu
Projchłod provides the Group with engineering, consulting and supervisory services in the field of industrial construction, including the power industry. This specialist engineering company offers designing of cooling circulation systems, including natural and mechanical draft cooling towers, stacks, silos and tanks as well as pylons and other tower objects. Furthermore, the company renders services connected with technical consultancy and construction supervision. Projchłod deals also with conducting technical condition assessment of civil structures and their technical analysis as well as periodical technical inspections of industrial civil structures. More information can be found at: www.projchlod.com.pl
Uniworker has been established to render specialist construction services. The company provides services for a wide selection of enterprises, including those working for commercial and industrial power sectors, smelting and glass industry as well as for coking , petrochemical, cement plant and many others.

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